We’re a small band of “ragamuffins” in pursuit of grace, inspiration, and opportunities for service. It’s our love of God and for people that drives each of us from within.

Some of the talents our team possesses are innate gifts, with other valuable experience collected and learned over time (in many instances, the hard way). With these years of resources in hand, we truly enjoy collaborating with our clients. And together, we’re able to place in motion well-laid plans. These plans are built upon a firm foundation of vision, knowledge, and strategy.

Our heartfelt desire and calling is to partner with organizations like yours on all levels. From the management team to the mail room staff, we’re here to help make faith-based organizations, and the talented people within, the most effective they can be. We believe that through positive influence and focused efforts, we can ensure that their mission and ministry potential are fully realized.

Leadership Team:

Todd Isberner
Co-Founder & President

With over three decades of experience, Todd has become the country’s leading expert in broadcast fundraising. He is sought after as a fundraising consultant, on-air host, and radio talent fundraising coach. Todd has published numerous articles for religious radio publications, taught workshops, held fundraising schools, conducted teleseminars and webinars, and led educational forums both nationally and internationally.

Since 1975, dozens of associates have joined with Todd to work with numerous stations, networks, and ministries not only in fundraising, but also in programming, donor relations, and donor development. He and his teams have brought their positive, ministry-centered approach to hundreds of radio stations throughout the country, producing over 3,000 broadcast fundraisers and over $1 billion raised for ministry.

Todd’s successful approach to fundraising is based on more than experience. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Divinity from Bethel Seminary.

Jason Parker
Vice President & General Manager

Jason is a seasoned brand evangelist who has driven demand in the general marketplace for over 100 million products in the U.S. and abroad.

Leveraging skills developed over the past 20 years in successful corporate leadership roles and entrepreneurial endeavors, Jason now channels his passion, creativity, and calling through collaborative relationships with radio ministry and faith-based clients.

By providing fresh approaches, creatively designed communication strategies, and cost-efficient ways to maximize resources, Jason equips our clients to emotionally engage with supporters and create loyal advocates. His work with ShareMedia clients allows each organization to fully realize over time the essential bond with their audience, foster long-lasting relationships, and fulfill their unique mission.

On the personal side, Jason’s faith, family, and friends inspire him and bring large doses of joy throughout life’s ever-changing journey.

Jim Smith
Director of Client Support & Administrative Service

Jim joined ShareMedia in 2007 bringing 30 years of sales, management, marketing, advertising, and operations experience to the leadership team.

Following successful sales and management careers in heavy industry and business to consumer advertising, Jim provides the first friendly point of contact for most of our clients. He helps guide new clients through our needs assessment process, works with radio ministries in development of effective fundraising initiatives, and implements strategic plans as a project manager.

Jim balances his work with a wife and family of six daughters, one son and daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.

Bill Scott
ShareMedia Consultant, Host & Coach

Bill Scott joined the ShareMedia team in 1991 after beginning his career in Christian radio in 1983 and feeling a distinct calling to serve Christian radio through the services that ShareMedia offers. 

Over his 30-year career in radio, Bill has been involved in launching successful media ministries (such as Dawson McAllister’s syndicated radio program for youth) as well as running his own media ministry, ZJAM.

As a long-term consultant with ShareMedia, Bill has hosted nearly 800 fundraising events in three countries.  He serves clients with pre-event consulting, on-site consulting, on-air coaching and hosting of fundraising events. 

Bill is a graduate of Light University and has been married for eight years, has four kids with eight grand kids and counting.  Bill has authored three books with a fourth on the way.

Todd Chatman
Director of Cause & Ministry Development

A tour of KOA Radio in Denver when he was a pre-teen sparked in Todd a fascination with radio that has blossomed into a 30-plus-year broadcasting career. He has held on-air, programming, and leadership positions at Salem Media Group, iHeart Radio, KCBI/Dallas, WCSG/Grand Rapids, CBS Radio, and most recently, Food For The Poor.

Todd has a passion to use media to communicate the love of Christ and grow the Kingdom, and God has used him to generate more than $50 million in over 500 radio fundraising events for stations and nonprofit organizations over the course of his career.

Todd and his wife, Kristen, have five grown children.