You know they are out there, but do you know who they are? Or how many there are? Do you know what they like about you? Or wish you would do for them?


Programming consulting is really mandatory if your intent is to grow your audience and enhance your position… and develop their loyalty.

Here are several ways we can help… there are more.

  1. We can assist your program team (key staff and board members) in analyzing how your mission and vision are currently being integrated into the on-air product, and in determining future growth strategies for your station or network.
  2. We will lead your team in the development of a strategic plan. A strategic plan is a framework for future action. No plan… no action.
  3. You know who you are, but do your listeners clearly get that? We’ll help your team define and understand how your brand is perceived in the minds of the listeners, and how that brand dovetails with your mission.
  4. ShareMedia will work with your team to develop strategies to take your listener profile and make it a living, breathing understanding of who the core listener is, and what drives them to choose your station over all other media choices.
  5. Succeeding in your area is more than a “good format.” ShareMedia will help you understand market opportunities and how to leverage them. In addition, we will assist you in determining how to choose between the good opportunities and the God opportunities.
  6. Are you creating enough ownership from your core audience? ShareMedia will help your team gain control of the strategic elements needed to build a deeper level of listener commitment.
  7. Then what? We can help you set goals for growth both in programming and donor support levels. Hitting these goals requires preparation and planning. ShareMedia will assist your team in planning and setting timelines and goals for outreach, listenership, partnerships, income, staffing, and execution.
  8. Additional areas of consultation: Regular input can be obtained on programming issues such as formatics, clock design, imaging, music selection, talent coaching and acquisition, promotions, research, and ratings analysis.

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