We bring Christian radio stations and other ministries together to multiply their effectiveness in reaching people for Christ.


Your station can go to a whole new level of outreach when you “partner” with another ministry, linking efforts to accomplish a work that you couldn’t ordinarily do on your own.

For years, ShareMedia has been facilitating partnerships between Christian radio stations and ministries. We’ve helped ministries to coordinate their outreach efforts through radio fundraisers and on-air promotional campaigns that give listeners an opportunity to respond to needs outside their own borders.

The feedback has been tremendous – listeners have continually expressed enthusiasm and gratitude for the partnering efforts of stations and ministries working together on behalf of the needy.

ShareMedia can help your radio station or ministry with every aspect of partnering projects including:

  • Marketing
  • Strategic planning
  • Event coordination
  • Audio production
  • On-air hosting
  • Social media resources

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