A couple of years ago, I participated in a fundraising workshop and my notes were posted in an article called, “I hate fundraising and why do we have to do this anyway?”

What I didn’t talk about was a larger picture question, namely “Why DO we raise money?”

To help get your own answer to this question, here are my top 4 reasons why ShareMedia exists and why WE raise money.

1. The “Big” Mission

God’s big mission is to “seek and save the lost” … “make disciples of all men, teaching them to obey [His] commands”… and “putting all things in subjection to Christ.”  We don’t take that lightly. At ShareMedia we carry that mission focus as we walk it out with our clients on a daily basis.  

2. The Shared Goal and Mission

Our Mission of “Helping Christian radio broadcasters and faith based organizations expand their ministries to reach more people for Jesus” supports the shared goal and mission of the ministries we serve.  Our combined goal is to ultimately reach the lost and hurting for Jesus and offer hope to build up believers in their faith.

3. The Money and The Means

Since it takes money to do ministry, our job is to help the ministry acquire the funding and resources necessary to carry out their God led vision and mission. The primary and most efficient way is through on-air fundraisers and appeals. But we can also use other means of securing funding such as direct mail appeals, major donor meetings, special events and available media channels.

4. Stewardship & Worship

Raising money for ministry is an opportunity for stewardship, allowing your donors to invest in what they value.  Giving is also a true act of worship.  Therefore, fundraising needs to reassure donors of the value of their investment and the sanctity of their act of worship. It also shows them God is working through their gift to further the overall mission.

Do you remember the ‘why’ of ‘why YOU raise money’?  Take some time to develop a fundraising mission statement.  Give us a call and we can help walk you through the process.

Remember your mission.  You have a specific purpose with each new day.
We’re praying for you and your team.

Todd Isberner and the ShareMedia Services team

ShareMedia Services is ready to partner with you in exceeding your donors’ expectations on and off the air. Contact us to learn more about our services today.