An eye-catching State Farm ad grabbed my attention while watching the NBA Finals. It’s part of a new rebranding campaign from the insurance provider. And looks like I wasn’t the only one who noticed. The special effects filled commercial has already had over a million views on Facebook alone.

State Farm is showcasing their services beyond “accidental” insurance coverage. And the ad is an illustration of how powerful mere seconds can be, even through traditional formats like a commercial.

It’s also a reminder of what an amazing opportunity we have in listener-supported Christian radio to share hope through compelling content every second of the day!!!

Special disaster erasing effects aside, our world is filled with challenges and heartbreaks. And we have the unique ability to share with millions the one and only source of real security.

Kudos to our clients who are already generating compelling content on-air and through digital channels to fulfill their mission.

And you can checkout the video on our Facebook page.

Jason Parker
Vice President/General Manager
ShareMedia Services

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