Why text giving should be a part of your fundraising mix

Research on multiple giving channels and the area of text-giving:
Shared by ShareMedia strategic fundraising partner, Dunham+Company

We talk often about the importance of a multichannel donor communication strategy. Our research has found that donors who give online are often motivated to do so by a direct mail appeal letter.

But it’s not just about multiple communication channels. We recently looked at one client’s multiple giving channels in addition to donor communications. And what we found about text giving in particular showed us why it makes sense for organizations to be serious about multichannel strategies.

This organization includes two text-giving campaigns each month in its donor communications matrix, in addition to monthly email and direct mail appeals.

After executing appeals across these channels for nine months, the organization has built a file of more than 10,000 mobile numbers, with a cumulative response rate greater than 10 percent. They now are realizing solid response and noteworthy income from this channel.

But we wanted to learn how many of these texting donors were also giving through other donation channels. And we found that 20 percent of these donors are also giving via other channels. In fact, they are giving across virtually all channels. Even the organization’s monthly donors are giving special gifts by text over and above their monthly commitment!

A 2013 Dunham+Company study revealed that donors who give across multiple giving channels significantly increase their value to the recipient organization.

While there are more than 9,000 mobile numbers on the organization’s file who have not given (yet), the text giving program is generating a positive ROI.

Is your organization producing a well-executed multichannel donor communications strategy? If you are and you’re not at least testing a text-giving component, it’s time to take a serious look at this often-overlooked channel.

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