Study Finds Data Quality Impacts Email Deliverability

From Direct Marketing News:

Email remains at the core of many marketing plans, but in the past year more than 73% of companies report having problems with deliverability. That’s according to Experian Data Quality’s recently released study, “The 2015 Email Data Quality Trends Report.” Those surveyed say poor deliverability leads to a number of issues, including the inability to communicate with subscribers (41%), poor customer service (24%), regulatory hurdles (22%), unnecessary costs (22%), and lost revenue (15%).

“Charities today are more dependent than ever on email as a central communications channel, which makes the importance of email data cleanliness essential,” says Tom Perrault, VP Digital Services for Dunham+Company. “Failure to manage the basics of validation, inbox deliverability, and ongoing list hygiene can severely impair your ability to communicate with your donors, generate income, and grow your organization,” Perrault concludes.

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