11 Tips for Maximizing Video in Your Email Campaigns

Videos in marketing emails make a big difference. How big?

ShareMedia Services strategic partners, Dunham + Company share 11 tips that you can use today!

According to a 2015 study by HighQ and Hubspot, just using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line increases open rates by 19%, while increasing click rates by 65% and reducing unsubscribes by 26%. For nonprofits, deployment of relevant, engaging video can mean the difference between “Meh” and “Wow, let’s do this again!” results.

So here are some tips for leveraging video in your e-appeals and landing pages:

  • Emojis — Use a ‘Play’ button in your subject line. We’ve tested this for numerous clients and have seen a significant increase in open rates.
  • Personalization — A subscriber’s first name in the pre-header has likewise yielded strong results for our partners.
  • Screenshot — Including a video screenshot has increased engagement as much as 18% in our campaigns.
  • Promo Vid — A brief video above the fold in the email, but within the body copy, and above the fold on the landing page, has proven to increase click and conversion rates.
  • Length — Optimal video length is less than 90 seconds.
  • Relevance — Your video needs to be highly relevant and directly correlated to the ask or it will decrease conversion rate.
  • Rationale — Your story/benefit should still be visible above the fold, even before the video screenshot in the email. Video without copy rationale tends to reduce response.
  • Brevity + Benefits — Shorter, benefit-driven copy in the email surrounding the video has repeatedly demonstrated higher response.
  • Landing Page Copy — Longer benefit/highly relevant copy on the landing page surrounding the video increases gift conversion.
  • Length — Best practice is to have email body copy less than 100 words for highest engagement, although with video we recommend even less and suggest teasing the click on the video screenshot.
  • CTA — The only call to action in the email should be about watching the video. All other calls to action (donating, etc.) should be on the landing page below the video. This increases click-rate and overall engagement. But be sure to use buttons in the email, and not just links.


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