Charities must do more than just ‘get the job done’ in communicating with their donors, Rick Dunham blogs

Our friend Rick Dunham, President+CEO of Dunham+Company, blogging on the importance of your donors’ experience with your organization:

Not long ago I was on a flight back to the U.S. from London and had one of the worst in-flight experiences in memory. It was as though the crew didn’t know the passengers even existed.

Their focus was on getting the job done.

Serve some beverages. Then serve some food. Remove the trays from those finished eating. Clean up their service trollies. Then take a seat and read a book or play on their smartphone. And respond (maybe) if someone pressed the call button. And for heaven’s sake, never freshen up the bathroom!

The very last thing on their mind was the customer experience. They really didn’t care what the customer went through as long as they “got their job done.”

What they failed to realize is their job was to give the customer a great experience. Serving beverages and food was just one of the ways to achieve that goal.

As I thought about this awful in-flight experience, my mind went to some of the research we’ve done that exposes the fact that too many charities treat their donors in exactly the same way.

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