Lead the way and help provide hope in Oklahoma

Your listeners have a heart to assist victims of the Oklahoma tornado. This is a moment when you can help deliver hope to our friends in Oklahoma through simple acts of kindness and generosity.

Chances are you’ve already been giving your listeners options to lend support. Many ministries and relief organizations are on-site helping those impacted most by Monday’s storm. Whether you conduct an on-air fundraiser or provide awareness opportunities for listeners to give, your station can be a rallying point of support.

You’ll also be providing an outlet for your listeners to get involved in partnership with your station and on-air staff. In moments like these it’s your chance to lead the way by engaging in a meaningful way with listeners.  And we’re providing some helpful resources to assist in your efforts.

On Tuesday, the FCC announced that it would grant waivers to non-commercial media outlets to allow them to raise funds to aid in the recovery of the areas devastated by the massive tornado. Click here to get the waiver filing instructions.

Our entire team is moved by the needs of those that are hurting.  As a show of support, we wanted provide a plan of action. Should you choose to request the waiver and conduct a focused fundraiser for Oklahoma, you’ll have some timely resources to work with.

Please click play below to hear the podcast from Todd Isberner and John Brock so you can maximize your efforts.


[jwplayer mediaid=”1542″]ShareMedia Services Podcast – Lead the way and help provide hope in Oklahoma


Here is a very brief summary of the podcast:

Action plan for your on-air awareness and focused fundraising campaign.

Meet with staff to pray, listen, pray some more and decide if you will engage.
If the answer is yes, make the plan NOW, BEFORE the weekend.

Design a master task list to complete the following:
1. Pick the date or dates
2. Identify the resources needed
3. Conduct your fundraiser
4. Follow-up

And above all, keep the main thing, the main thing … in line with your mission statement.

What is your mission? Our hope is that it’s to engage your listeners and share the Gospel as we steward them to live it out.

Call or email us if you have questions or need help.

Your partner in ministry,
The ShareMedia Services Team