Samantha was ready to end it all, until …

If you’ve been in Christian radio ministry for very long, chances are incredibly high that you’ve heard a story similar to the subject line above.

We all know that God uses Christian Radio to literally save lives. He truly does, every day.

The big question is … do your listeners know about these life-changing moments? And how do you best share this very tangible ministry impact with them?
As you plan for a year-end fundraising push, ask yourself these questions:

• What’s my “positive interrupter”? In other words, when you message something on-air, write that year-end letter, or create emails, what can you say that will get the attention of your audience?

• Am I breaking through the clutter? What are you saying that’s different from all the other messages your listeners and donors will receive during the busiest time of the year?

• Are you delivering tangible ways your radio ministry is having impact and changing lives?

And make sure that one, focused message is flowing through all of your communication channels.

Even though it’s mid-October, you still have time to get a plan in place and boost your year-end fundraising. 

If you’d like assistance with your year-end campaign, we’d be glad to help. Just give us a call to set-up a time with one of our consultants. Our number is (952) 303-4490. Or you can simply use the contact form on our website found here.

Your partner in ministry,

ShareMedia Services Team