What value can you place on a changed life?

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“Ministry does not come in a box with four neat sides. Ministry is messy and has to be driven by Truth. The bigger the cume, the more money you raise, the more stories you share, results in a greater responsibility you have to be sure these are really Biblically defined success stories.” – Tom Atema

During our live Teleseminar today (click to hear replay), Tom Atema* presented two major concerns for Christian media and cautioned there are no easy answers and no simple formulas to measure success from a ministry standpoint.

All measurement tools cost you something in terms of time and resources, but to get to the heart of the matter, the greatest challenge is determining whether or not you are answering the call to the Great Commission. Are you truly making disciples for Christ? And are you changing lives that reflect His Glory?

This is a tremendous challenge that you, along with your team and board of directors, will have to determine: Is what you are conveying to a hurting world in proper alignment with the Mission and Vision for your ministry?

If you’d like our assistance in arranging a meeting with Tom to help you discover or rediscover what your Mission should be, please contact us.

* Tom Atema is President of Vertical Horizons Group. He
previously partnered with John Maxwell’s non-profit EQUIP for 6
years, as VP of International Relations and Strategic partnerships,
Billy Graham Association, serving at The Cove and at Blue Ridge
Broadcasting (WMIT), Jack Wyrtzen and the team at Word of Life and
Johanna Farms – a family owned company.

Tom is best known as a leader with a drive for strategic focus, a
calling to coach emerging leaders. He truly loves the local church,
where he is an innovative church thinker, working with outreach and
discipleship. His passion is developing and empowering leaders who
want to grow, are willing to take risks and find joy in the journey.