If you’ve ever had the nagging feeling that you might be missing the mark and you’re ready to ramp-up planning for your next On-air Fundraiser … you must hear this Teleseminar replay.

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Even in a depressed economy, KLRC-FM (Fayetteville / Northwest Arkansas) has reached ever-increasing goals. Thorough planning and timely execution of Fundraiser essentials, in a fun and encouraging way, are at the center of this team effort.

Does properly executing an On-air Fundraising Event checklist really make a difference? Absolutely!

KLRC GM Sean Sawatzky and PD Mark Michaels present 3 keys to their 16 consecutive years of Fundraiser success:

1. Fundraising Event planning is a year-long process

2. Fundraisers require 100% from 100% of your team

3. Fundraising Events require prayer

They also provide specific ways that you can prepare for and promote your Event through all of your currently available communication channels.

Even if your Event just ended, you’ll want to hear this presentation. And if you’re gearing up for your next Fundraiser, this could make the difference for you. Discover some “difference-makers” when you listen to this special Teleseminar.

“Sean and his team have hit every goal for the last 16 years. There is a reason Sean and his staff are so successful. I have hosted hundreds of Sharathons and KLRC’s event is one of the top events I am a part of.”
– Bill Scott, ShareMedia Fundraising Host and Producer

“From my years of experience, I have not seen a better planned Sharathon event than the one at KLRC. Sean and his team have every detail covered and that planning and passion has resulted in phenomenal fundraising success! Every Station Manager and PD in America would be wise to hear what Sean has to say.”
– Dave Kirby, ShareMedia Fundraising Host and Producer

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