Looking for tangible ways to achieve your potential as a Christ-centered leader?

Regardless of your title, position, or stage of life, God has appointed you for leadership. And He wants to use you in unique ways this year.

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Be inspired by one of Christian radio’s most seasoned leaders, as Todd Isberner dialogues with Wayne Pederson, President of HCJB Global. “Living Out Your Leadership in 2012” was our ministry-focused Teleseminar event held on January 26, 2012.

Wayne is well qualified to speak on this topic, having served in Christian leadership roles spanning four decades with Northwestern College Radio, National Religious Broadcasters, Mission America, Christian Music Broadcasters, Moody Broadcasting, and now HCJB Global. 

Wayne Pederson has thrived in the ever-changing radio environment. Over the years he has drawn on solid biblical principles in leading teams and ministries. 

The Lord has taught Wayne what is most important when it comes to exercising leadership in the real world of deadlines, people, ministry, financial pressures, and the daily demands we all face. Listen in as he digs into important and timely topics during the Teleseminar, including:

• The greatest leadership skill
• The greatest leadership quality

• The greatest leadership vision
• The greatest leadership weakness

There’s also a Q&A time with our Teleseminar participants where relevant leadership issues and challenges are addressed.

Click here to stream the Teleseminar now and be sure to share it with your team members. And join us for future events, always provided at no charge. 

P.S. We had some challenges at the beginning of the Teleseminar with some participating caller noise. Most audio issues have been edited out. Our apologies for the distraction in this live, interactive environment.

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