“Lost Connection…”

Ever hear those words privately spoken in your ear?

I have a really cool earbud my staff gave me for a birthday present. I slip it over my ear and walk around when I’m on the phone so I can move about and gesture a lot. Gives me a certain amount of freedom so I don’t feel chained to my office chair.

Know what I mean?

The only problem is that if I wander outside of range of my phone, a lovely lady speaks into my ear, “Lost connection.” She says it so emphatically it almost makes me feel guilty!

While I appreciate the heads up, it bugs me to know that I’m no longer “connected!” Of course as soon as I move back into range everything is fine and she whispers, “Connected.” (Okay she doesn’t really whisper, I’m dramatizing.)

Today when I heard “Lost connection,” I’m sure I heard another voice. Not audible but just as clear.

He said, “Son, you get it?”

I said, “Yes Lord. Thank you!”

Lost connection with Jesus is no good. And while in the midst of the whirl wind of insanely busy stuff, we may not always feel like we are still connected.

How about you? Are you intentionally slowing down every once in a while to simply recognize His presence in and around you? Nobody who walks with Him ever wants a “Lost Connection.” So stay connected.

I’m thinking the same may apply to our donors. Do they ever feel that they have “lost connection” with us? Yeah, I know we say “Thank You” as soon as they send their first gift, but then what?

Do we assure them often enough and in the right ways that we appreciate staying connected with them beyond a receipt? Do we connect with them in ways that show how much we value them as a vital part of the ministry team… basically how much we love them?

May I suggest something different this month?

Instead of the same old thank you letter with a statement or receipt try one of these:

Call them and thank them. Even a voice mail would be nice.

Have the staff send hand written notes … with first class postage. (Yeah in the mail. Remember that?)

Mention their names on the air.

Compose and send an e-blast that has their name and every donors name featured. (Probably just the first name?)

But no asking for more money. You can always do that later.

Just love on them… and stay connected.**

Todd Isberner

ShareMedia Services

** Speaking of staying connected, I’ll be presenting at CMB Momentum 2011 in Orlando to give some surprising insights from donors that will help you stay better connected with them. If you are planning on being there next month, drop us a note so we can be looking for you.