Have you ever been stopped for speeding?  Ever heard the words, “So, where’s the fire?”

And while you were not rushing somewhere to put out a literal fire, there was likely something else just as urgent.

Because in everyday life, we’re bombarded by reasons to increase the speed. We’re being pushed it seems from all directions. But in the blur of our personal race track experience, are we leaving some things and people behind?

As Christians, we know that our one-to-one connection with people, in small moments and large ways, is what matters. Something that’s increasingly difficult in the rush.

In Christian broadcasting we all share a responsibility to maximize each minute and effectively use the tools God has provided. We must also ask ourselves the questions… Are we making a tangible impact in people’s lives? Do listeners contact us to confirm there is a difference being made? If that’s not happening, we must take inventory and make course corrections. In this spiritual matter, there is no time to waste and the “fire” is real.

If you are receiving positive feedback from listeners, then it’s essential to share those stories to let others be encouraged.

Getting stopped on the highway for going too fast is not virtuous, but getting noticed for doing something important in someone’s life IS.

Rather than slowing down this summer, pick up the pace of changing lives and relaying the stories your listeners share with you. And be sure to record and archive these moments. When it comes time for producing your ongoing promos and fundraisers, you’ll have a great selection of stories to draw from.

It’s all part of making every moment count…


The ShareMedia Services Team