When it comes to talking about the value of the station, nobody says it better than your listeners.

Using Listener stories is the key to making your fundraiser sound good and giving credibility to the impact of your ministry. So you must be intentional in using them and set them up right.

It’s vital to know why, when, and how you are going to use a specific listener testimonial.

Plan Each Break Ahead of Time: Let’s assume for one hour you are focusing on the theme of “How God uses the station to bring comfort to people who are hurting.” 

Do this:        

1. Look in your list of listener stories pertaining to the theme.

2. Find one that you’d like to use.

• If it’s a recorded story, LISTEN to it before you use it on the air;

• If it’s a written testimonial, READ IT OUT LOUD before you use it on air

This will remove any surprises so the story is used correctly and you can use a song that goes along with the theme. 

Set up the break with your jocks so they understand their roles and the flow of the break (i.e. who will set up or read the story and who will give a call to action based on the testimonial).

When you use the listener testimonial, let the story serve as the single “Case” message for that break (i.e. the reason that someone should support the station). Don’t come in after the listener story and add another appeal or another story of your own. Let one testimonial serve as a springboard for a call to action.

Here is an example: A listener named Jennifer shares how the station has encouraged her in the midst of a difficult time.  You can come out of that story by simply saying something like this:

“When you support (station name), you are helping to encourage Jennifer and others like her who need the comfort that this station provides. Please call (phone number) or go online to (website address) and give your gift of encouragement right now.”

It takes extra work to gather, organize, and use listener stories well, but if you’re willing to do the work, you will find that listener testimonials truly are your most valuable fundraising asset. Furthermore, you and your listeners will be blessed when you hear the stories of how God is working to change lives through your ministry!

ShareMedia’s 2011 Fundraising Toolkit has all the resources and instructions to help you maximize the effectiveness of your listener stories. Give us a call or send a note to get more information.

One of our consultants is standing by who can help you and guide your success.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The ShareMedia Services Team