Are you ready? – Part 2

By April 5, 2011On-air Fundraising

Last week we presented the first in a series of “must do’s” to help you prepare for your upcoming fundraiser. Remember what number one was? If you answered “Pray” pat yourself on the back.

The next one follows up the first…

2. Creatively produce an interactive “Pre-Fundraiser” Day of Praise and Prayer.

ShareMedia Services has been producing, hosting and executing broadcast fundraisers for over 35 years. Praise and Prayer Day in its various forms has been around for almost as long.

If you’ve never done one or are experiencing boredom or burnout from trying to produce a special day of Praise, perhaps this will help re-focus you.

Use this simple checklist to help plan things out:

1. Commit all out to making this day memorable. Plan, promote and pray with an expectation that God will do things through you and your listeners that will Honor Him and bless others.
2. Put some promotional effort into the event with all of your available communication channels. (promos, social media, e-blasts, web, direct mail.)
3. Create a special name for the event and use hourly themes that give specific direction so you can lead listeners in a more intentional way.
4. Put God in the spotlight and follow His lead.  Take on the role of a ‘worship leader’ guiding your listeners to give Praise to God for who He is and thanksgiving for what He has done.
5. Use a continuous flow of uplifting listener calls and avoid the temptation to talk too much in response. Let the best calls carry the momentum.
6. Keep the day up beat and positive playing an extra dose of up-tempo songs of praise and worship.
7. Focus only on what God is doing in the lives of your listeners and your staff.
8. And by all means take those prayer requests, but do it off air and commit to pray for them.  If someone calls with a “gut wrenching” story or prayer request transfer them to a special line where your prayer team can pray with them.

If you throw yourself into facilitating a great event that God can use in powerful ways, you will be overwhelmed with grateful listeners sharing their appreciation for what you gave them.

If you need some help please let us know. Over four decades of fundraising experience goes into everything we do on behalf of our stations including our new FundRaising Tool Kit with a section on producing a Day of Praise. In addition, ShareMedia hosts are broadcast fundraising experts who are not only gifted and trained for on-air hosting, but called and committed!

Read this from one of our client stations:
“We feel that the strongest element of ShareMedia’s involvement was the hosting. We’re very pleased with the hosts, especially their ability to keep the appeals and messaging focused.”

Looking forward to helping you in any way we can so you can be better equipped to do what God has called you to do.

Todd Isberner
ShareMedia Services