Get Ready for Something Great! – Part 1

Are you ready?

If you are familiar with flying, as a pilot or passenger, you may know that every pilot has a pre-flight checklist they use to verify that certain things on the aircraft work and that all the systems have been tested to make sure they respond correctly. (Tapping on an old fuel gauge is not the same as actually looking in the fuel tank.) 

Over the next few weeks we’d like to share some things you really “must do” to make sure you have all systems working for you as you prepare for or conduct your Sharathon or fundraiser.

Here is the first of four…


Okay this is of course the obvious one and it’s likely you might skip over reading any further because you already know it and do it. Or you know it but don’t do it and don’t want to feel guilty. For many, “Prayer” can become just one of those nice little “tack on” items because after all we’re in ministry and supposed to pray, right?

Over the last twenty years we’ve seen many stations gradually drop the prayer initiatives as part of Sharathon or fundraiser planning and preparations. It may be that somehow we have let our prayer efforts become a bit ritualistic and we feel insincere or perhaps manipulative with God.  Or maybe we just get too busy doing all the work and don’t take the time to pray. Ironic isn’t it?

Here are some examples you can use effectively to bring prayer back into your event if it’s been left out or ignored:

• During your Fundraiser recruit Prayer Partners while raising money

• Formulate a separate Prayer Partner goal and explain to listeners what their role will be. (Basically being informed throughout the year of specific needs and committing to prayer when alerted)

• Create a network of Prayer Partners that you can utilize all year-long and during every hour of your fundraiser. Have them take turns coming in and praying for listeners and the event.

The reason for your prayer efforts is not to seek a reward from God for good behavior.

It’s not to twist God’s arm on things or be a bunch of pious spiritual goody goodies so you can look good. Instead it’s to maintain a corporate relationship to Him. Prayer will help realign your perspective and your focus. It will keep you at peace as you consciously make an effort to be more aware of God’s presence and provision. 

ShareMedia Services has been producing, hosting and executing broadcast fundraisers for over 35 years. All of that experience goes into each and every toolkit we create and resources we make available.

Many stations have been doing broadcast fundraisers for so long, there can be a tendency to forget the basics or overlook an important detail.

The New ShareMedia Fundraising Tool Kit for 2011 will help prevent that from happening. A small investment now will pay huge dividends later. The 2011 tool kit is completely new, with revised checklists, current strategies, promotion tools and over 70 production spots.

Looking forward to helping you be ready… 

Todd Isberner
ShareMedia Services