A word about fundraising appeals in the written form – AKA “How to write a donor letter,” courtesy of Donor Power Blog.

You don’t have to search far before you come across an example of artificial, wooden, committee-driven fundraising copy that sounds untouched by human vocal cords. Break your materials out of that mode, and you’ll shine like a star in your donors’ lives.

The Bad Language blog talks about human writing at “Being human is overrated (but not when you are writing)“.

Here are the hints for writing like a human:
• Write like you speak
• Interview someone
• Short sentences
• Short words
• Marketing speak has no place in people-centered writing
• Don’t be afraid of humor
(Note: We don’t agree with this one: You can’t count on other people getting your joke. In fundraising, humor usually falls flat.)

• Replicate speech patterns
• Embrace the exclamation mark
• Use everyday metaphors
• A sense of person, place or time

It takes an excellent writer not to sound like a writer. If you’d like some assistance, please contact us today.

The ShareMedia Services Team