Who are your donors?

By December 16, 2010Major Donors

One of the local TV news channels broadcast a story the other night that made it worthy for a blog post. The entire script of the piece is here. It even made the “Making A Difference” feature report on NBC Nightly News Friday, Dec. 17.

The story is one of generosity from an unlikely source in an unlikely location. We’ve all read about high profile individuals like Bill and Melinda Gates or Ted Turner that have publicly made a gift or formed a foundation for altruistic purposes. Major companies like General Mills, 3M and Medtronic have enormous endowments and foundations but this “old” farmer story from a little town in Minnesota is different.

What caught my attention was the fact that outwardly this man was “frugal”, which I think is Minnesota nice for CHEAP. It doesn’t say so in the article but I assume that while this man was alive he may have not made any major donations at all. At the end of it all, very privately and without any fanfare, this man chose to give his donations without receiving any recognition. And most of his gifts were to churches in his town.

Within your community, I wonder how many “old farmers” there are? Do you know who they are? Or could you even identify them?

When Loren Krueger made out his will, I don’t think he chose his benefactors because they asked him … but certainly he chose them because of how they treated him, or accepted him or possibly served him. His surprise gifts were not expected, yet probably well deserved.

The ShareMedia Services Team