“ShareMedia gets us more than
I ever could have imagined…”

– Faron Dice, Way FM –


Fundraising Events

The ShareMedia team answers the call as fundraisers on a mission. And our mission is to help you generate more support for your ministry so you can see more impact. Our first priority is to get to know you and find out how we can help you the most. From there, our team of advisors works with you to cover every aspect of preparing, producing, and hosting your event. The result is a deeper connection with your listeners who will invest more generously in your ministry.

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Programming Consulting

You know they’re out there, but do you know who they are? Or how many there are? Do you know what they like about you? Or wish you would do for them? Programming consulting is essential to enhance your market position, grow your audience, and develop audience loyalty. And with more engaged listeners, you’ll have more Kingdom impact.

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Fundraising Consulting

Generating the funds your station needs is much more than an on-air fundraiser twice a year. A lot more! It’s about developing an integrated fundraising strategy that’s sustainable and scalable to generate consistent support now and in the future. Leveraging proven strategies, the ShareMedia team provides a holistic plan that results in listeners taking more ownership and investing more funds to ensure your ministry thrives.

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