star99“Your hosts are the best!  Knowledgeable, compassionate, and skilled to deliver the need in a compelling way.  Tools and resources provided were critical to the success of our event.  … We’re grateful for the guys on-air, but we know it takes an all-star team behind the scenes to make things run smoothly.” – Scott Taylor, General Manager

“Energetic, creative, and dedicated, the outstanding ShareMedia team is ready to stand with you as you seek to fulfill God’s calling for your broadcast ministry.” – Frank Wright, Ph.D., President & CEO

“Creative, committed, knowledgeable, and biblical integrity are just a few of the descriptors that come to mind when thinking about and working with ShareMedia.  It has been our privilege to have the ShareMedia team as our partner with Compassion International for over 10 years…” – Lee A. Geysbeek, Radio Marketing Director USA

“Appreciate ShareMedia so much!  We literally could not do this without you!” – Dawn Hibbard, Station Manager

“My experience with Todd and the team at ShareMedia Services has been rewarding and challenging.  ShareMedia brings a wealth of experience, while challenging us to be better and grow with every Pledge Drive we do.  Recent results indicate that we are growing and getting better in reaching our listeners!” – David Pierce, CCO, EMF Broadcasting

“Having a live host who is focused on helping listeners visualize and understand the deep need is the reason for the success of the campaign.  We could not have raised the needed funds without your help in the process.” – Dale Hendry, General Manager

“We were very pleased with the (fundraising) event … The resources we received in advance were excellent, and the event ran smoothly.  Thanks very much.” – Rick Reynolds, General Manager

“There is no other organization that has its finger on the pulse of Christian radio funding like the ShareMedia team.  With excellence, passion and foresight they will help you and your radio ministry go higher operationally and spiritually.” – Tom Atema, VP of International Ministries & Strategic Partnerships

“ShareMedia has a level of experience and expertise unlike anyone else.  They combine strategy and creativity to create an emotional connection with the listener and help them decide to become a donor.  There’s nobody else like them … They’ve done a great job helping us and are an essential ally in fundraising.” – Alan Mason, COO, EMF Broadcasting

“As a former general manager of a non-commercial Christian radio station, I know the critical importance of on-air fundraising.  I often recommend ShareMedia … because of their biblical approach, their vast experience and team of professional communicators, and their great track record.” – Ronald L. Harris, DD, Sr. VP for Strategic Partnerships

“The big question among leaders of media ministry is: how are we best able to connect with our listeners and donors?  Along with that question: how are we going to grow or even survive in this economy?  ShareMedia is dedicated and experienced to answer both these questions … not just at Sharathon time, but all year round…” – Wayne Pederson, President


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“I hate fundraising … And why do we have to do this anyway?”